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The stuffin is the process describing the actual stuffing of the mixture inside an actual gut, conveying the product its typical shape and allows the mixture to remain compact and firm. The same is done for the for the stuffing of salami. Storti uses for its products natural guts, which are completely edible (they are listed as offal), nad before being used they are cleaned and sanitised. The artisanal stuffing, with natural and high quality raw materials helps obtaining tasty products, with a perfect seasoning and maintains the typical characteristics and ingredients of the meat.

Each recipe uses a different kind of gut. In case of a salami that will be seasoned, for example, the perfect kind of gut is the one that allows an interaction with the internal meat mixture as well as the proliferation of the external moulds. Synthetics guts are used only when it’s strictly necessary, that is to say when it’s necessary to maintain a longer preservation of the quality of the product (e.g. vacuum sealed packaging).

The stuffing process is completely manual and artisanal, in order to maintain the flavour and the perfume of the original recipe.

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