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This process is based on three steps: stewing, drying and ageing (which is to say the actual seasoning). This is the most important phase in the transforming process of the meat, and we at Salumificio Storti follow this crucial in relation to timing, room cleaning and a careful observation of the climatic characteristics of the of the area of the river Mincio and the surrounding valleys, which are of significant importance for the manufacturing of these products.

Each type of salami must undergo a period and seasoning method which varies in relation to the different features. While seasoning, the meat changes its chemical-physical characteristics allowing the development – thanks also to the addition of spices and the contribution of climatic peculiarities – of the flavour, taste and aroma which are typical for our products. This phase considers in fact a constant temperature and humidity check of the manufacturing rooms, which had been conceived in order to actually re-create the micro-climatic conditions of the old cellars

Great attention is paid to the forming of the ‘noble’ moulds, which, together with the natural guts used, contribute to the right development of the qualities of the seasoned Salami.

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