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The first thing to be careful at when manufacturing salami and cured meats is the choice of the meat. We use exclusively meat coming from pigs, which were born, bred, and butchered in Italy, paying attention to the right nourishment and providing the origin certificated needed. After being butchered, the meat is processed in our premises of Rodigo. The production takes place in well sanitised premises, where temperatures are kept to a constant low level in order to maintain the ideal conservation of the meat.

It is very important to select the cuts of meat that adapt more to their final use in order to obtain tasty and healthy products. Cured meats come in fact from the manufacturing of cuts which mostly are destined to salting and the transformation of salami. The meat is therefore chosen and processed in order to obtain the best result possible, even after they’re stuffed. Our job is to choose always the best cuts and the best parts of the pig. Our cured meats come from the manufacturing of ‘noble’ cuts, like prosciutto ‘parts’, a selection of fine minced meat and pork-bellies.

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