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The following, and fundamental, step for the meat processing is the salting. It’s important to know the exact amount of salt to be added to the mixture, both for salami and for cured meats. This will help in fact not only the preservation but also the correct seasoning of the products.

In order to actually calculate the quantity of salt to be added the first thing to do is to weigh the meat and then the salting will be based on old family recipes: the proportion of the added salt for example will be lower for the fresh cured meats with respect to the seasoned ones, but it can vary also based on the room temperature and the humidity. The same also is valid for the curing and the spicing.

Other than the salt other spices are added like for example pepper and sometimes also wine. The curing, either for an entire salami or for the mixture for cured meats, is used to flavour the product and not only to enhance the preservation and the seasoning. The ability and the knowledge of the tradition of the pork butcher has an enormous importance here. Each and every one has his/her own recipe, just like the ones proposed by Salumificio Storti.

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