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The Company


Family Storti started the production of handcrafted cured meats over a century ago, respecting the most typical traditions of the surrounding area of Mantova, in particular the small village of Rivalta sul Mincio. Over the years the company grew in dimensions, reaching its modern status. Recipes, raw materials and the unmistakable taste of the final product remained nonetheless the same. Thanks to the handcraft chain of production and the use of the meat of pigs, which have been bred and butchered exclusively in Italy, not to mention the traditional recipes and the limited use of additives and preservatives, our products are granted to be fresh and tasteful. 

But there’s more. Not only carefully selected spices and meat, but also passion, dedication and the outmost care about any detail. Our purpose is to give to anyone who chooses Salumificio Storti a real taste of a whole territory and a centennial history. Today our product range is vast and comprehends cured meats (both of large and reduced sizes), sausages, air-cured cured meat, bacon as well as other typical products like the unique ‘cotechino’ or the pork meat ‘pesto’ of Mantova. All of them are produced following handcraft processes of our century-long tradition, which have been constantly updated during the years. This way we know we can offer unique products of the highest quality, bearing the characteristics of an extraordinary territory.

Storti Salumi introduces you to a world of taste.


The production of cured meats of family Storti begins in the early years of the 20th century with a grocery store in Rivalta sul Mincio, a small village in the area of Mantova. Mr Vincenzo Storti was the first to decide to produce cured meats, which previously was only an activity linked to the ritual of the butchery of the pig. This ritual is typical of the area of Mantova and takes place every year right at the beginning of the winter season. The specialisation of the family passes on afterwards to Giovanni Storti, Vincenzo’s son, with whom the grocery as well as its products start to become famous also outside the small village of Rivalta and an actual milestone for all travellers and tourists who visited the area for fishing or other activities.

The third generation, of the brothers Vincenzo and Celestino together with Marco, brought a more structured organization of the company: a new laboratory was founded in Rodigo, near Mantova, which grew in space during the years, becoming the present seat of Salumificio Storti. Here tradition meets the most recent production methods in order to obtain both fresh and seasoned traditional cured meats ensuring the highest quality levels alongside with an overall control of the productive chain: traditional recipes and production techniques, the reduced usage of preservatives and other chemical additives, the respect of the hygienic standards; these are our ingredients.

In the 80s the passion of the family for the local cuisine brings Salumificio Storti to diversify the range of products through the production of fresh stuffed and non-stuffed egg pasta (eg. agnoli and pumpkin-stuffed tortelli).

  • 1900

    Grandfather Vincenzo Storti and grandmother Celestina open the first grocery store in Rivalta sul Mincio. The first generation.

  • 1930

    Giovanni, son of Vincenzo and Celestina, inherits the administration of the family company. The second generation.

  • 1953

    The store becomes a structured activity and is ready to exploit the economic boom of the postwar period. In the latest 50s Vincenzo, son of Giovanni, starts helping his father with the administration of the store when he’s only 15 years old. The third generation kicks in.

  • 1960

    Vincenzo continues the administration of the store for another couple of years after his father’s death. He then decides to rent the store in order to be able to focus on bigger projects. In 1965 he decides to undertake different experiences first in another local cured-meat factory and then moving to Arcore (near Milan), working for another cured-meat craftsman.

  • 1969

    Vincenzo decides to go back to the origins and purchases a plot of land in Calvarata where he starts his own cured-meats laboratory, ‘Salumificio F.lli Storti’. It was the year 1970.

  • 1974

    Another plot of land and the company grows in space, becoming a genuine centre of butchery and manufacturing of swine meat. In the same year his brother Celestino joins the company. 

  • 1980

    The activity grows further with bigger premises and manufacturing capability. Here in the picture a catalogue that dates back to the 80s.

  • 1988

    The year of the diversification thanks to the opening of the ‘Pasta Gioiosa’, a pasta manufacturing plant. The freshly made pasta is presented for the first time at the agroindustrial trade show of Rivalta S/M.

  • 1992

    The butchery activity is no longer interest of the company, and the processing of swine meat becomes the main focus together with another expansion of the premises dedicated to drying and seasoning.

  • 2020

    It’s time for the fourth generation to become part of the company: Marco, Celestino’s son, joins the company. The year 2020 is the year of the 50th anniversary of Salumificio Storti, knowing that its activity began much earlier in the past.


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